Need 350 pallet positions & no space?

One of our Canadian clients was putting in a new production line but were facing a severe lack of raw material pallet storage. The requirement was for 350 new pallet positions in an already crowded facility. The opportunity here was to step out of the box to see what possibilities existed as it was not obvious that it could be accomplished.

After reviewing the existing facility’s storage areas it became obvious that nothing could be changed to achieve our goals. Therefore, we started looking elsewhere for a solution. In the production area there was an exterior wall with two dock doors and a ramp door. We designed a four deep push back rack system to go over the two dock doors. This left a tunnel access to the two dock doors with three levels of storage above the dock doors. This push back system resulted in an additional 150 pallets of storage.Pallet Positions

Just outside the production area were stations for lift truck chargers. We designed a push back system two deep x three high to be installed above the chargers leaving the floor area open for the chargers and trucks which resulted in an additional 75 pallets of storage. We were still in need of an additional 125 pallet positions of storage for raw material.

The only area that held any hope was occupied by chain driven accumulation conveyor which transported runout coming from four automatic palletizers. Due to the space restrictions and requirements for fork truck access to remove pallets from the conveyor (both vertical and horizontal clearances presented issues) considerable doubt was cast on our ability to use this area. However, our experience and knowledge allowed us to design a three deep by three high push back system that that was installed over and around the runout conveyor which provided the necessary access required and yielded an additional 150 storage positions.

Our goal was 350 new pallet storage positions. Against all odds, we were actually able to gain 375 additional pallets to storage within existing areas that for all practicable purposes appeared on the front end to be impossible to achieve. If you have similar issues, why not give DCI an opportunity to help you achieve the impossible?