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DCI uses a proven phase approach that moves a client along through design to successful implementation. Once a DCI/client team is established we proceed as follows:

Phase 1: Develop An Existing Issue List

Analyze and determine the issues that need to be addressed. Prioritize from high to low with regard to importance.

Phase 2: Data Gathering

Gather the necessary data to verify current conditions and develop plans and solutions based on facts.

Phase 3: Strategic Planning

Optional plans are developed with regard to need, return on investment, financial ability.

Phase 4: Software Assessment

Analyze existing software to determine interface issues.

Phase 5: Final Design

Optimal design is chosen and used to generate specifications, solicit bids and select equipment.

Phase 6: System Move

If applicable, generate a plan that details the system move. This is often overlooked but essential to a successful implementation.

Phase 7: Implementation

Develop a master plan to bring a system on-line while keeping operations on going.

DCI Has Helped Many Organizations Grow Into Their Dreams. By Taking An Active Role In The Long Range Plan Of Each Of Its Customers, DCI Is Able To Upgrade Equipment And Monitor Systems To Make An Organization’s Growing Pains Not Quite So Painful.warehouse