Line-X ® – Project Synopsis


Project Synopsis:

Written by:  Don Downs, DCI President

Line-X ®, located in Huntsville, Al., is a producer of spray in bed liners for pickup trucks and other Line-Xabrasive resistant applications to protect surfaces of equipment. Line-X ® ships their product to company-owned stores, franchise and OEM locations.  The product is shipped in its blended form in 55-gallon drums and other items from the Huntsville facility.

Distribution Consulting, Inc. (DCI) was engaged to evaluate the current Line-X ® warehouse. Not only were they out of space, there was congestion in both raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, inventory control, product rotation, picking errors, lot control, and loading errors were a result of the cramped conditions.  An expansion was not the most effective option in this case.  Several site options were explored and secured.

The layout of the new warehouse added increased pallet loads by incorporating push back rack, increased selective rack and decreased lift truck aisles sizes by incorporating reach trucks.  The staging area was increased for both inbound and outbound pallet loads and was set adjacent to the dock doors to reduce travel distance.

The auto-cad layout included:

·         Floor plan layout with all dimensions based on the pallet to pallet dimensions.
·         Installation drawings that show frame to frame dimensions for the rack installer.
·         Locator scheme for each aisle and each bay.
·         Storage type locations by the bay.
·         Vertical setting by storage type.

Specifications for storage and lift equipment were written. Included in the vendor package were Line-Xspecifications and auto-cad drawings. After vendor selection, install meetings were held.  Moreover, several “move” meetings were held in order to maintain a smooth transition.

The ultimate goal was to provide space for growth in all storage areas, improve lift truck aisle space, increase inbound/outbound order staging, along with organization and increased efficiency.  Line-X ® can easily grow and be confident they can compete in a competitive environment.