Is your warehouse tight on space? Are you looking for a distribution consulting expert? Are you thinking about expanding your warehouse but deep down you feel you can better utilize the space you have now? Do you think you can run your Distribution Consultingwarehouse operation more efficiently but not sure how?

Since 1980, Distribution Consulting, Inc. (DCI) has offered clients total consulting, engineering and design solutions. We can manage your organization’s engineering and design projects from beginning to end. Distribution consulting is what we do. If you have a pallet or picking warehouse we have the expertise to streamline your operation. If you are looking to expand your operation into other markets or just need a better distribution system, we will be glad to help.

We have assisted clients with re-engineering of their existing distribution space, expansions, and new facilities. For example we have worked with Hobby Lobby to improve inventory control, picking and shipping errors, slow productivity and other areas. We worked with Simply Fashion Stores to increase their inbound processing lanes, automate their conveyor system and installed a Warehouse Management System as well some other areas.

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